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The essence of Misriote Farm

It would be pretty precise to state that being at Misriote Farm is a unique experience, not to be matched with what one would expect at the usually crowded and noisy manicured lawns of modern farm houses.


Misriote exudes the pleasant flavour of old world charm and would ideally be the sought after place for a particularly discerning person of refined taste, seeking the joys of solitary bliss or a family or group, desiring to spend quality time to bond with each other through spending meaningful time in conversation and fruitful interaction which is otherwise rare in the present fast paced city dweller’s life.


The hosts and staff look forward to taking personal care of the guests with the earnest intention of making the time spent at Misriote enjoyably memorable.  Most of the staff have come to treat the place as their own, having been in service for over 10 years.


One may choose from either a Punjabi or Kathiawadi cusine to set the menu, which could be specially curated on request to accommodate certain palates or dietary requirements.  Then, of course, there are the traditional and ancestrally handed down recipes from the aristocratic and royal houses of Misriote and Bilkha, which have fused together to create an eclectic blend of health and tradition.


While, it is recommended to come to Misriote Farm to do absolutely NOTHING, the more adventurous would be able to choose from recreational activities which include badminton, kayaking, cycling and also the most singular opportunity to fire real shotguns on the licensed firing range of the Savli Taluka Rifle Association, which also carries out its training activities of novice to national level athletes, within the same premises.


As dusk leads to dark, the property magically transforms into a mesmerizingly lit garden with discreet lights illuminating the massive trees in the sprawling lawn and gardens.


After a sumptuous dinner repast, the guests may request the staff to switch off the lights of the fairyland like setting, thus indulging in the beauty of the pitch black sky on a moonless night, while sitting back and cogitating on the wonder of the blanket of the bejeweled black firmament.  Such philosophical meditation is the perfect preamble to a snug slumber in the air conditioned luxury of the deep mattresses and silken soft eiderdowns which engulf you as you drift into dreamland.

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