The finest quality MP Sherbati and Bhaliya Wheat is available with us at competitive prices.

Qualities available with us include M-30 & S-30. We also trade in imported ICUMSA-45 grade sugar from Brazil.
Bulk orders are solicited.

Various food grains and pulses are available with us including processed products such as
Maida, Besan, Cornflour, ready to eat wheat flour, etc.

The fines quality of Custard Apples (Sitafal) grow on our farms in Kathiawad.
Apart from our own produce, we also procure the fruit from the surrounding region for sale / export.

Kesar Mango
The Kesar Mango was developed initially by an ancestor of one of the owners of MISRIOTE.
Till today the family holds vast Mango orchards in the Talala region of Kathiawad,
famous for the original flavour of the mango. We can also arrange for FPO certified mango pulp in bulk quantities.

Peanut Oil
Peanut oil is available in both machine pressed and "Ghani" pressed versions.

Cattle Feed
Nutritious cattle feed with varying base components are traded by us.

Cattle Mineral Licks
Mineral cattle licks are the best form of supplementing minerals in a dairy farm's feed schedule of cattle diet.
MISRIOTE provides the ideal combination of cattle licks which gurantees cattle health, increased pregnancy,and better milk production in both quantity and quality.